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Youth Tour
Youth Tour: Trip of a lifetime

Touchstone Energy Camp
Camp = education and fun

Bucket trucks, zip lines and rowboats are what students will remember from their time spent at Touchstone Energy Camp this summer. Noble REMC sponsored three students —Bryce Millhouse and Austin Schuman, both from Avilla Elementary School, and Grant Lake from St. Mary’s Catholic School — to travel to Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana, for four… Continue reading.


CEO Ron Raypole

Beating the peak

Most of us don’t think twice about electricity. We plug something in or switch something on and the current flowing through the wall does what we need. However, obtaining power and delivering it to your home or business is not quite so simple. It becomes even more challenging during the warmest and most humid days… Continue reading.


Contact Us

Do we have your latest information?

It’s important for Noble REMC to have the most up-to-date contact information for our members to maintain communication about their accounts and other cooperative business. However, there are numerous accounts with outdated information. Current phone numbers are essential when we send out phone notification messages regarding planned outages or other important issues. In an effort… Continue reading.



Vegetation masters

When members see our right-of-way crew along the side of the road, some may see a picture of destruction rather than preservation as chainsaws cut through limbs and branches are thrown into the chipper. What they may not understand is the hard work being done to maintain Noble REMC lines to keep our members safe… Continue reading.

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